Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wanna Get Away?


What a month it's been!! Part of my hesitation/procrastination to post lately has been due to the large amount of significant things that need to be documented. Ironically, exactly why I should put off the procrastination.

But I digress.

The month started with a bang as I headed out to NYC to reconnect and get away with some of my college roommates. As I was pondering my shockingly light and empty purse on the flight out I came to the realization that this would be my first time away from either of the kids for more than one night (other  than my hospital stay when H was born).

Yes, it was time.

The weekend was filled with amazing food, great shopping, TONS of walking (I think we clocked 25,000 steps on Saturday), a fantastic show - all involving some of the best company. We were all grateful for the lovely Jules, who (being the local) arranged every detail of the weekend, making it about a million times less stressful and more fun than it would have been otherwise.

The best friends in life are the ones who you never have to "catch up" with - you just pick up where you left off. The four of us couldn't be in more different stages of life, yet the common threads we once had still hold refreshingly true.

My freshman year roommate. A totally random pairing, especially as we had both requested to be in a different dorm. How thankful I am to still count her as a dear friend 12 years later!

Although our kids are in very different stages, I enjoyed reconnecting with Elise on a "motherhood" level. (Whatever that means - we just loved talking!!)

Jules and Jenn during our lunch at Le Pain. I KNOW I am SUCH a foodie...but seriously, I am still daydreaming about the lunch we had here.

An absolutely horrendous picture of me, but I had to include it. After I had already been scolded to not take pictures in the theater (even though I wasn't), I looked away immediately after Jenn said "smile." And then she got scolded. Yeah, definitely not the rule breaker in the group. Some things never change.

None of us were hungry for dinner before the show (we saw Anything Goes...did I mention that?? Wonderful...and hysterical.), but when it got out at 11, we were famished. Elise and I (the moms, remember?) were just about giddy about the fact that we were sitting down to dinner at 11:30 at night. 

These were our "personal" pizzas that we fortunately decided to split...but still too much food!!

Obligatory Times Square photo. Fortunately, our snobby NY companion/tour guide was not around to pull a Beth (aka pretend she didn't know us) for this one. No, I am not pregnant in this picture. Or now.

Lately one of my biggest pet peeves is that I NEVER seem to be able to finish a cup of coffee in the morning. Even when I reheat it! I'm generally a black or splash of cream gal, but there is something about a Dunkin with cream and sugar. You can bet I savored every drop of that sweet goodness. It's the little luxuries in life, people. Oh yeah, these ladies are pretty great, too.

Only Elise and Jenn can truly appreciate the amount of items in the three bags I am carrying. One of my more organized life moments.

So there you go. I came back refreshed and everyone survived without me. Then H-man gifted me with projectile vomit. Although this incident has been greatly outweighed by the fact that he has slept through the night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since I got back. Maybe I should go away more often.