Monday, September 7, 2009

While the Boys Are Away...

What a wonderful weekend!

While Gary traveled down to St. Louis to experience a bit of the Tour of Missouri, my sweet sister agreed to keep me company over the past two days. She is the most Perfectly Domestic person I know, and I took full advantage of hanging out with her. Between baking, cleaning, shopping, painting and sewing, I think we pretty much covered it all.

Among our endeavors, I took on making myself a nursing cover. I've never been known to sew the best straight lines, but it is oh-so-satisfying to make something yourself! Between this and O.D.-ing on Project Runway this weekend, I am really looking forward to more sewing projects! (Although my sister pointed out that in the time it took me to make the nursing cover, a Project Runway designer could have finished an evening dress. Hm.)

Covered and classy. :)

In case you're inspired, you can find the directions I followed here.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For Kat

The weather here has been absolutely unbelievable all summer, but the past week or two has really spoiled us rotten. We had a few errands to run at Oak Brook one night this week, but when we were done it was just too nice out to get back in the car and drive home, so we walked around for a bit.

Sadly, it does me no good to try on clothes these days. As you can see from the picture, I continue to grow and grow...something I'm starting to take a bit of pleasure in, knowing that it means our little girl will be here soooo sooon! This pic isn't really the same as my other belly profiles, but thought it would give some perspective to see what I look like in "real" clothes.

This is right at 37 weeks...technically full-term, and only 3 weeks away from our due date!

(I PROMISE there will be a non-baby post soon...but my sis was begging me for a new pic.)