Friday, June 7, 2013

It's time

Lately several people have been BEGGING me - oh, sorry, that was a typo - BUGGING me about my lack of posting this year. Knowing that this stage of our little family's life is flying away and if I don't document it no one else will, and that it's often the only window into it for family and friends both near and far, I've decided to put forth some effort again.

Disclaimer: While my blogging documentation could use some help, the camera on my phone is not without use. It's been awhile...I have a lot of pictures to dump here...just giving fair warning. Sorry. Not sorry.

Life lately has been filled with the anticipation of summer. We are all ready for a little change of pace.

We continue to enjoy settling into our house and making it our own. The garden in particular has been a treat as we continue to discover new surprises daily, including a little fairy garden!

The kids are becoming great playmates and friends, in spite of their varied interests. My favorite moments lately have been finding the two of them wrapped in some sort of little conversation with each other. I love eavesdropping.

They LOVE eating breakfast (or any meal, actually) on the deck. 
Not going to lie, my kitchen floor loves it too.

(Maggie is not scowling at Howard - she's actually quite free in sharing her babies with him - she's ticked at me for taking the picture. The nerve, mom!)

Howie is still into anything with wheels...although has started wandering into dinosaur territory lately. His awareness of cars and trucks and things that go is amazing. He hears planes flying overhead well before we do, and picks out any type of major (or minor) machinery wherever we drive.


Two of his favorite phrases right now are, "What's dis called?" and "Mom, doing?" ("Mom, what are you doing?") He has to know where Maggie (and usually Gary) is at all times, although it seems like he is constantly saying, "MOMMY HODE YOU." There is no question where his true loyalties lie.

He is a funny, funny boy. Filled with mischief and sheepish grins. And lots and lots of energy.


A friend asked my mother-in-law what the kids enjoy doing the other day. After relating Howard's fascination with wheels, she thought for a minute and then said, "Maggie is happy when she can just talk to you." SO TRUE. Mags has always been a great companion, and her conversation continues to narrate our days and keeps us laughing (and thinking!) with all of her questions and observations.

She is also still into ballerinas, princesses and anything of the like. In fact, the preschool did a little questionnaire for a Mother's Day program and she said that she would like to be a "Ballerina Princess" when she grows up. Not sure what that means, but I love seeing her little imagination start to go. If we're at home, she can almost always be found in a tutu or a princess dress of some sort.

She is such a free spirit. She loves running and dancing around in the yard in her bare feet and some sort of extra flowy skirt.

(No, this is not our backyard...a friend of mine did a photoshoot with several little girls a few weeks ago...this was one of my outtakes.)

My all-time favorite Maggie face! Classic!