Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

A couple of weeks ago I was able to go out to Iowa to see a dear friend who now lives very far away. It was at least 10 years ago that I remember talking about taking our kids to the zoo together...and now we are due just 4 days apart. Can't wait to introduce our little ones to each other someday!

(This pic was taken at 26 weeks, for those who are keeping track of the bump. I will be 28 weeks at the end of this week!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's about that time...

...that people start telling me that I need to post again. Truthfully, not much has happened other than catching up on life since we got home from our trip. However, I do have a few pictures that deserve posting.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Gary's birthday. Funny how birthdays become less and less of a big deal as you get older. Both of us were struck by that thought after our birthdays this year. What a horrible feeling! Fortunately for Gary, we had a killer Birthday Dinner.

Nothing like a healthy serving of fried chicken and waffles! (Per Gary's request. I made the waffles, NOT the chicken) We were so stuffed afterwards we didn't even have cake! No wonder he felt like his birthday wasn't a big deal...

We continue to catch up on life and wait for summer to come...so far it seems like 60 and raining is going to define much of June. As a result of both of these things, Gary is mowing our lawn at least twice a week! It's crazy! Last week he REALLY wanted to go for a bike ride, but also knew he HAD to cut the grass. You have to respect a man who is dedicated enough to his exercise and his yard that he mows the lawn like this:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Start Saving, Mr. Anderson

That's right...in case you haven't heard yet, we got the news just before we left for vacation that we now not only have to save for college, but also a wedding. We are having a GIRL! I must admit, the news took me a bit by surprise - both considering my family generation tendencies (I know this means nothing), as well as the fact that EVERYONE I know is having (or has had) girls. I was totally convinced that we were having a boy. However, having an excuse to add more pink to my life is never a bad thing. :) We are both THRILLED...and can't wait to meet her!

Below is a pic of me (last week) at 23 weeks. Time is absolutely flying in this pregnancy. I know that it will only continue to go faster as summer arrives and our list of things to do continues to grow.

We had an absolutely wonderful vacation (or "Babymoon," as some are referring to it). The wedding was beautiful, our time with our friends was both meaningful and fun, and our time together and away from "normal" life was much needed and very refreshing. We both soaked it all in as much as we could...knowing that it will be a very long time before something like this happens again...

Here is a link to some of our pictures from the trip:
Hawaii - May 09