Friday, April 5, 2013

My Other Babies

There are two other children whom I consider my pride and joy but I barely mention - my niece and nephew! They both live a heart-wrenching eight hours away in different directions...thank goodness for technology! Maggie and Howie are crazy about them, too. Cousins are just the best!

Even though they are about a year apart, I feel like I am watching both of them take significant (and darling!) personality jumps right now...Briscoe is leaving behind her baby-ness and turning into a little girl, and Adrian is becoming more and more of a real baby (instead of a newborn). I love both of their funny expressions and chubby cheeks and the ways they both remind me of their mamas.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Even though the ages of 2 and 3.5 lend themselves to lots of stubbornness and head-butting, they also lead to lots of laughter and companionship...I love that I have more pictures of the two of them together than by themselves!


Being the super-spiritual family that we are, we planned Howie's birthday to coincide perfectly with Easter.

As I planned the big day I found myself backstabbing my anti-character-themed ways and smothered everything in CARS. What can I say...those baby blue eyes have a way of turning me into mush.

It was a weekend full of sugar, cars, more sugar, more cars...and tons and tons of family and fun (both sets of grandparents were here to help us celebrate!) Unfortunately, I did a terrible job (shocker) of documenting everything and everyone.

Can't believe our little guy is now TWO. He captures the essence of two-ness in every way right now...keeps us moving, laughing and crying all the time. His vocabulary increases more every's hard to keep up with his big sis (ok, ok, it's hard for any of us to keep up with her!). He knows his colors, shapes and he even surprised us by counting to eleven the other day! He's a total wild man...all boy in every sense. Even though his discovery of his will and individuality are shocking some days, he is a complete joy and wonderful guy to have around. We love you, H man!!!