Thursday, March 6, 2008


There is a local ice cream shop that my husband and I like to go to. We have recently incorporated a game of chess into our routine of chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough, as several of the tables have chess boards and pieces. Neither of us are very good, which makes for a pretty good game, since it puts us at about the same level.

Earlier this week I was looking through my husband's pictures from his trip to California. Part of his trip included a visit to a friend who had a life-sized chess board. As I was looking at the pictures of the chess game, I thought they looked a little more artsy than the pictures he tends to take. When I asked him about it, he at first claimed that our friend Adam must have took them, but when he saw them, he said, "Oh, that's just showing checkmate." I was even more thrilled to think that he is subconsciously expressing his artsy side.

All that to say, chess is becoming one of my favorite games...

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