Thursday, April 17, 2008

That's What She Said

It's a general rule in my life that no matter how hard I try, I am almost consistently five minutes late for anything. Tonight was no exception.

I was racing to the gym, motivated to run only by the fact that I was going to watch The Office. I was already annoyed with myself that I was going to miss the first five minutes of the show, when in the span of the normally 7-8 minute drive there were TWO emergency vehicles, as well as a freight train. COME ON.

Three miles later I stepped off of the treadmill not only disappointed (AGAIN) with Michael and Co., but also reminded that I am once again one year older. Why does it matter when you enter your age into those little machines anyways? Do you burn calories at a different rate if you're in a certain age bracket?

Yes, it's true. Yesterday was my birthday. And while I had a mildly difficult and depressing workout tonight, yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day (as all birthdays should be).

Following a pedicure with my sister at Nail Envy, I came home to my husband cooking a steak dinner. It should be noted that the words "husband cooking" have never shown up in the same sentence in the duration of our marriage, other than eggs, toast and macaroni and cheese. He'll try to play it down if you ask him about it, but it truly was a fantastic meal. (The effort alone would have scored big points, but the meal really was delicious and very well thought out!)

(Note the Sparkling Grape Juice on the table...hmm...I'm pretty sure it was from Valentine's Day over a year ago...)

The kicker was the chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and oranges he HAND MADE for dessert. Does this man know me well or what??

You think that my night could have ended at this point on an all-time high, but check out my face in the picture below as I unwrapped my gift...

Wow. Didn't ask for it. Didn't expect it. I will reiterate, does this man know me well or what??


Guy said...

you need to make sure everyone knows that is SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE on the table

Tara said...

Happy belated birthday, Beth!! You can tell Gary that I am impressed with the dinner.

And, I am drooling on my keyboard over that camera.

Beth said...

Thanks, Tara! I've got a lot of practicing to do...hopefully I can get the swing of things by the time you guys get out here so I can take some shots of your sweet little girl. :)