Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Copy Cat

Downtown San Luis Obispo used to be one of my favorite places to shop.
Unfortunately, many of the cute out of the way boutiques seem to be
closing! There are fewer and fewer each time I visit. There was one
little paper shop I found that I wished I could pack up in a little
box, though. I was going through some pictures from our trip and came
across this one of some little paper flowers that I fell in love with
at that shop. I took the picture thinking, "these are so cute...and
they would be so easy to make myself!" And now I am doubly frustrated
that I did not pay the $2.75 for at least one to use as a template.
What are the stems made out of? How are they connected? What materials
were used in the center? Arg. I'll never find the time to scour
Lincoln Park or Old Town to find something similar. Everyone thinks
I'm crafty like a fox, but really I'm just a hopeless copy cat.

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