Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Months

Five Months. I can hardly believe it as I write it. I'm not sure what's more amazing - how fast the past five months have gone, or how it's possible for one person to change and grow so much in such a short period of time! Strange that even as fast as the past five months have flown, it seems like Maggie's been around forever.

Month Five did not see any huge landmark events/milestones. She continues to be more and more curious, studying everything very intently (and most of the time subsequently putting that item in her mouth). Faces, fingers, toes (her own), toys, and especially anything digital or electronic (how does she know??)...she is absolutely mesmerized. Touching and tasting pretty much sum up this month's activities...which makes me more and more excited to introduce her to "real" food. Everyone keeps telling me to WAIT as long as possible...but I can hardly wait, because I know she is going to love having something that she is actually allowed and able to eat!

I've started working more this month as well. Slowly. Even the few hours a week I do squeeze in would not be possible without my selfless and ever available mother. I know that she not-so-secretly loves the time with her granddaughter, too.

Month Five has been a very introspective one for me...reflecting on who I am as a mother and as a person...that's probably been the best part of this month for me. That, and looking at these faces every day. :)

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