Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby vs. Grinch - Fourteen Months

Here I am! Still alive even after nearly a month of no posting...

And here is a fresh new crop of Maggie pics!

She is quickly growing from a baby into a little girl. As a follow-up from her ear infection, we had to go back to the doctor for a check up a few weeks ago. In FIVE weeks she gained TWO pounds. This has catapulted her into the world of front-facing carseats and big girl clothes. I feel like I have become used to clothes fitting her great and then all of the sudden being way too small, but the jump has usually been from one size to the other...not two sizes at a time! Yikes. This girl is growing fast.

She continues to LOVE to communicate. Mainly by saying "heh" or "huh" and pointing, but also has an increasing "vocabulary" of sounds that she associates as words. If only they didn't sound so similar! I would say that her first full word is "duck," as it is one of the only words that she pronounces more than a letter or syllable. It comes out more like "guck," which can also be interchangeably used for "stuck." She also knows the animal sounds for cow, chicken and, SO cute.

Today was an awesome day, as it was the first time that I've heard her say "mamamama" in recognition of me. Granted, she also says "mama" for "grandma" or "grammy," but I'll take it! (She has known and recognized Gary as "dada" - or "da-dad" as she mostly calls him - for some time now...)

She has decided to pick her sign language back up, but (as with most things) only on her terms. "More" and "please" are her signing words of choice, and the signs she uses do not really look anything like the actual signs, but at least she's consistent. Hoping that she will get thank you down soon.

(this is her saying "please" open the door - she puts her hand(s) on her chest)

Her favorite toys right now are balls, books and her baby. She also loves anything that she can dump out and put back into a container one by one.

It is really, really neat to start to see her interact and recognize people more. In particular, my favorites are her dad and her friend Charlotte ("shhh-shhh"). She gets so excited at the mention of them, let alone when she sees them. I love seeing her and Charlotte hug, kiss and tackle each other. So thankful for a friend so close in age and so nearby!

We continue to spend a portion of each day watching squirrels...which are becoming more and more rare to see, but are still her favorite animal (and activity).

Her molars AND incisors have both come in the past couple of months, bringing the tooth count up to 16.

I really need to go back to posting monthly is really hard to remember everything that has happened or changed in the past two months!

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