Friday, April 1, 2011

Stop All the World Now

It's been a wonderful second day with little Howard. No nasty April Fools jokes by the little guy (other than getting peed on and the incredibly SLOW hospital staff)...he is simply as sweet as he can be. I enjoyed a little time taking a few pictures this afternoon. I forgot how fun it was to have a subject who sits still!

Apparently sometimes when babies come early, the edges of their ears haven't curled up yet. According to the nurse, this will happen over the next few days. His right one was already starting to look a little more "curly" this morning, so I wanted to be sure to document the funny flat shape while it was still there.

Eyeballs!! Something that we haven't seen too much. Maggie was so alert when she was a's funny to have a baby who just likes to sleep and cuddle!

He has crazy nails and is constantly putting his hands by his face. Thus the fact that it looks like he's been attacked by a raccoon.

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