Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Maggie had an extremely pinkalicious birthday this year.

The blogosphere is a dangerous place for a mom. SO many ideas. SO many Supermoms throwing Superparties. I started to get really excited (read: sucked in) about planning the most pinkalicious party her friends had ever seen, but then (thanks to a good friend also planning her two-year-old's party) I realized that Maggie was TWO - that this party would be more for ME and for MY FRIENDS. So I scaled things back considerably and we had awesome party with Bops, Paul, Dad and Howie. All of the people that she would have cared about most (who were in town, at least).

The Birthday Fairy came overnight. Unfortunately, due to a Very Light Sleeper, she was restricted to decorating the doorway.

Fortunately, the Birthday Girl got a kick out of the decorations. They are still up.

I love how small she looks in this picture. It is great perspective for a mom who feels like she is such a big girl most of the time.

Thrilled about the Birthday Fairy coming...and already sporting her new pink backpack.

The weather could not have been nastier for her special day. So after her nap I packed up the kids and we headed off to Chick-fil-a for lunch/the afternoon. Who doesn't want Chick-fil-a for their birthday??

I brought down the costume bin in the morning, thinking that she might want to wear her pink tutu for the day. Nope. Instead, she was convinced that this was the birthday hat. And wore it with great pride.

The real birthday hat and table "decor." Upon seeing the confetti, she reached out and wrinkled up her nose and said, "Messy."

Pink pancakes. No duh.

Birthday breakfast with dad.

The cupcake batter.

Making sure they were pink enough.

They were.

The face says it all.

Her new pink boots from her aunties.

She loves them.

It was beyond fun to plan and prepare for her special day now that she had an vague awareness of what was going on, and that we were celebrating HER. I can't wait for Christmas.

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