Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very Glizty Christmas

Newsflash: Maggie is totally into GLUE. Last week it was scissors - which still terrifies me, but she is surprisingly precise and careful - but glue really takes the cake. Thanks to storytime at the library, she's been bugging me to get some for awhile. I finally caved when we went to Target last weekend. A trip to the dollar bins and two glue sticks later, I have now discovered something that can hold her attention as well as the television.

She and Gary (yes - I really had nothing to do with this craft other than purchasing the materials) spent literally ALL afternoon on Sunday bedazzling these little guys. (yes - I did just use the words "Gary" and "bedazzle" in the same sentence.)

It is, without a doubt, my favorite Christmas decoration of 2011. Although Toot and Puddle on the playroom tree are also up there.

Note to Santa: only .25 of the 2 glue sticks purchased still remain. I hope you shop at Costco.

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