Friday, July 13, 2012

Yesterday in Pictures

This is technically from the day before, but this is pretty much a daily occurrence in our backyard, so I think it's legit.

The crib never fails to be a source of entertainment and joy.

Check out the HAIR!

Also in the spectrum of never-ending sources of entertainment and joy are the guys who come to mow the lawn next door. They may or may not also be the source of my first question/answer with Maggie about cigarettes.

After literally three months of ONLY saying "Hi," Howie's communication seems to be taking off this week. And by taking off, I mean he's doing more than saying hi. Yesterday and today he started shaking his head "no" in response to me doing things or asking him questions. I feel like we bonded on a new level today now that we can communicate!! But I digress...while giving him lunch today it became obvious that he did not want me to feed him, he did not want the spoon, he wanted to feed HIMSELF. Obviously he is quite proud of this accomplishment.

And I am quite proud that a half-container of self-fed yogurt only resulted in this face. (Granted, it was a closely-supervised and assisted self-feeding session...)

Clearly yogurt is not the only scoop-worthy thing now.

Over vacation (post still to come), Maggie would say "CHEESE!" in the loudest, most hideous way whenever someone took out a camera. When I told Howie to look at me today, he looked up and said "CHHHHEEEEE!!" Not necessarily the most practical word he's learned, but we'll take it!

He's also working on "ball," although "cheese" is definitely more consistent.

In an attempt to keep each other sane during the (sometimes frequent) nights our husbands are away, my friend Aimee and I have become big fans of the late afternoon/dinnertime play/dinner/bath dates. It is total chaos with five kids, but way better to experience total chaos with someone else than by yourself, right? Maggie and Charis are big fans, too. (Yes, Maggie is wearing Howie's newborn bath towel.)

After Howie went down and our friends left, I promised Maggie a one-on-one game of Dora Candy Land. She is a highly skilled cheater at the ripe age of 2.75, and wins every she should. Note her sorting through the cards to find the one she wants. I also love the purse slung over her shoulder. Not documented are the 20 times she reached in to reapply her new "lip gloss."

That's a good day in my book.

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