Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Some very overdue pictures of our Thanksgiving week. We were extremely thankful to have my parents and my sisters Laura and Hannah in town for the holiday.

As usual, H&H hit it off splendidly, and were buds through the duration of the week... well as L&M.

The weather was mild and the house was cramped, so we spent a lot of time doing outside activities.

Maggie was thrilled to play Sous Chef and helped Laura make some delicious pies (and whipped cream!)

If you are wondering about our "mini turkeys," due to little oven and refrigerator space and a desire to simplify the morning, we bought rotisserie chickens at the grocery store the night before. It may be my greatest Thanksgiving meal discovery to date. And we may never go back.

Staying true to himself, Howie gave us a little Thanksgiving present of his own AS WE WERE SITTING DOWN TO EAT. This blog is not for the faint of heart. Or stomach.

...which led to a Thanksgiving bath. Clearly he was not troubled in the least by the whole situation.

Maggie and Howie were fascinated to watch PAPA climb the tree out front.

More hiking fun.

Our library hosted a local ballet company to perform an act of the Nutcracker. I've never seen Maggie's attention held for so long in her entire life.

A great week, and the calm before the storm, as you will soon see.

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