Monday, September 22, 2008

It's here...

Today is the first day of fall. 

My husband informed me of this earlier today. Mainly because winter follows fall. This is a picture from last winter just to remind you how much he loves the season.

I, however, am determined to embrace the season.

How can you not love fall? The cool, crisp mornings just make me want to walk down the street with a pair of new tights, a scarf, pumpkin and hot drink in hand, with the Cranberries playing in the soundtrack of my mind. (Cue Meg Ryan)

Yes, the weather is amazing, but the following are a few of my absolute favorite parts of fall:

I become legitimately sad in January when the Super Bowl ads start and Sunday afternoon football comes to an end. There is nothing like a cool Sunday afternoon cuddled on the couch in a pile of blankets, still warm from a hot bowl of chili or tomato soup...and then waking up 2 hours later not having a clue what actually happened in the game. And the NAMES. OH the names. I could make a whole Fantasy Football team made up of the players whose parents were blessed with an extra dose of creativity. Jacksonville still remains the team as a whole that carries a majority of my favorite players. LaBrandon, I'm rooting for ya. The other wonderful thing about football season is the Sports Gal. Gary's favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons (a.k.a. The Sports Guy), gives a mini column to his wife every football season for her to place her picks for the season as well as a "rant" about anything she wishes. They are both truly brilliant writers, but I'm a little partial to the Gal.

Skinny jeans. 
This fall delight was brought to my attention by my friend Kelly. I wore mine last week and the first thing she said was, "Yes! When I see skinny jeans I just KNOW it's fall." Even though that was not the thought that crossed my mind when I was dressing that morning, she is totally right. And that made me start thinking about all of the wonderful fall fashion options. Scarves, boots, light jackets, tights, headbands (oh wait, I wear those all the time), cardigan sweaters (especially long ones), sweatshirts, puffy vests, layering...Ahhh...

Pumpkin Spice Latte.
You can say what you want about Starbucks coffee. I will probably agree with you. However, NOTHING beats the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I was so excited last year when Caribou came out with a "comparable" drink last year, and I could hardly finish it! (Disclaimer: Caribou still wins for overall best drink with the Light White Hazelnut Latte) For a season that is so accommodating for hot drinks, this is the defining drink of fall.

So now that you're in the mood, grab your camera, go for a walk and go capture a little bit of fall.

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