Friday, September 26, 2008

It's most definitely Friday...

How can you not love Paper Source? I'm not sure what I get more excited about in the mail...InStyle, or the Paper Source catalog. It's a toss-up, and Paper Source definitely has an edge in that it doesn't come as frequently. One of the many things I love about Paper Source is their tagline: 

"Do something creative every day." 

My boss and I half-jokingly throw this one around...I say half because sometimes I wonder how different my life would look if I truly took this to heart. It's a little bit of a grey challenge, in that I get paid to be creative every day (how amazing is that??), so I'm talking about being creative outside of my work...

This week, I've found my extra-curricular creativity has revolved solely around food. And not in the gourmet, steaks-stuffed-with-gorgonzola-and-mushrooms-with-creme-brulee-for-dessert way.

One of the major challenges of working full-time in the city is finding times to get LIFE done. For example, if I don't go to the grocery store over the weekend, we usually end up eating like college students for the duration of the following week. As we spent a majority of last weekend trying to finish up our exterior house projects, the grocery store did not happen.

Enter creativity.

Monday night we had a meal that I had originally planned for the week before. Tuesday, a friend's daughter's breakfast inspired me away from cereal, and we had waffles and strawberries. Wednesday we had eggs combined with the leftover sausage from Monday night (as well as the leftover waffles). And last night we made chicken wraps out of a leftover chicken breast from the week before. (It should be noted that this was eaten at 9:15...after I came home from a meeting that I rushed out the door for and Gary had only had a protein shake after the gym...How would he eat without me? Another post for another time.) Our fridge and cupboards are very, very sad. We don't even have milk for cereal anymore!

Also speaking of sad, this morning I tried to apply my creativity to my outfit...thinking how I could make the best combination of clothes that would still enable me to wear my Rainbows. And I came downstairs wearing a tank top, cardigan and my jeans with a hole in the left leg. What can I say? Sometimes it's just too hard to be creative that early in the morning at the end of a long week.

And because of the time put into thinking about my non-creative outfit, I missed my train and forgot my mouse. And thus the title of this post.

As I was walking to my office thinking about how much I would kill to have thought to call in sick when the alarm went off for the fourth time, I saw a girl standing on the corner...similar to me - huge bag, coffee mug in hand - but wearing denim capris (notice I didn't say JEAN - they were very crisp and sharp, yet casual), a black hoodie (?? Who knew that could be cute?) a huge, caramel-colored European-style scarf, and FLIP FLOPS. And she looked casually amazing. I'm totally re-inspired. I can't wait for next Friday.

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