Monday, September 7, 2009

While the Boys Are Away...

What a wonderful weekend!

While Gary traveled down to St. Louis to experience a bit of the Tour of Missouri, my sweet sister agreed to keep me company over the past two days. She is the most Perfectly Domestic person I know, and I took full advantage of hanging out with her. Between baking, cleaning, shopping, painting and sewing, I think we pretty much covered it all.

Among our endeavors, I took on making myself a nursing cover. I've never been known to sew the best straight lines, but it is oh-so-satisfying to make something yourself! Between this and O.D.-ing on Project Runway this weekend, I am really looking forward to more sewing projects! (Although my sister pointed out that in the time it took me to make the nursing cover, a Project Runway designer could have finished an evening dress. Hm.)

Covered and classy. :)

In case you're inspired, you can find the directions I followed here.


Laura said...

(Insert awkward smile here.)

Tara said...

That looks awesome! A friend lent me a cover just like that and it was very handy. Well, for a couple months until they start to pull it off/hate being covered. Good luck. ;-) I have a friend who's expecting.. I might have to try making one of those. Yours looks great!