Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breathing Again

You know when your mom offers to "stay and help with whatever you need that would make your life easier," that your house is looking really, really bad and the fact that your life is in shambles is no longer a secret.

The past week or so has been an absolute of those weeks I feel like I can barely come up for air. Fortunately, my mom did stick around and help me out yesterday, and I am feeling much better about life today.

Thus the lack of blogging's hard to justify sitting down to post when your only goal for the day is "taking down Christmas" and that doesn't even happen!

Speaking of which, I hate taking down Christmas. Not only is it a sign that the season is over, everything just looks so BARE! This also further accentuates the fact that we've lived in our house two and a half years and there is still nothing hanging on our walls. Which is also depressing.

So now that Christmas is put away, I thought I would attempt to distract myself from my bare walls and continue my update from the holidays.

Christmas this year was wonderful for two reasons:
1. My parents are now in town, so we were able to "celebrate" with them.
2. In order to avoid schlepping all of our gifts out to California, we had "Christmas morning" on Christmas Eve. I just LOVED being home for that. It is one of my favorite memories from when I was little...being home every it was just great to finally experience that in our own home. Especially now that Maggie's here. Not that she'll remember, but it was just fun to get her out of her own crib and come downstairs with everyone in their jammies.

Today's goal is vacuuming. And hopefully another post or two.

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