Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four Months

It's true. Maggie has turned a corner and become a full-fledged BABY. No more of this newborn stuff. We've got the real deal here, folks. She now:
- Can sit comfortably on mom's hip
- Loves to have long conversations with dad (and laugh at him)
- Plays by herself and with her toys
- Has become much more curious about everything
- Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth
- Grabs her left foot (she really can grab both, just prefers the left for some reason)
- Will no longer sleep through the night :(

We continue to LOVE mother and fatherhood. It is so much fun to watch Maggie grow and change. (See subsequent Grinch post)


Elise said...

Maya loves the pics...she tried to reach out and play with Maggie! :)

Jennifer said...

She's getting so big!! I have to get back out there and see her again! She's precious!