Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nine Months

What a month this has been!!

We are certainly on our way to the 10-month mark, but these pictures are were all taken around the 19th - closer to her 9-month mark.

This month her personality has absolutely exploded. Instead of greeting strangers with her usual stoic stare-down she bursts into a contagious wide-mouthed grin - even before they catch her eye. She laughs at everything, and is "talking" up a storm.

Sleep continued to be less than ideal this month, especially due to our trip to California for Auntie Kirstin's wedding, but that seems to be improving due to some strong encouragement from our doctor at her 9-month appointment and a couple of long nights of "crying it out." This week was the first time I've slept through the night in 5 months! Hoping that these good habits continue...

She loves to "bang" her arm - on a table, on a person, or even in the air. I'd like to think that she's waving "hi" and "bye," but it only happens about 50 percent of the time, so the jury's still out on that one. This past week she seemed to show understanding and demonstration of the sign for "more," but again, she doesn't do it every time, so we're still working on it...and have started adding more to our repertoire.

She is pulling up on EVERYTHING now. It's awesome and nerve-wracking all at once. She's not the only one on her toes these days!

Non-toys continue to be the toy of choice, with the exception of her dollhouse and my little sister's "Bathtime Ernie," which she never seems to tire of.

The park and the pool are definitely highlights of her day, although I'm not sure what she enjoys more - the swing, or watching the other kids play...

OH! And she is sporting SEVEN teeth these days!! No wonder her sleep has been horrendous! :)

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