Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eleven Months

Considering we are only about a WEEK away from Maggie's birthday, I figured I should probably post her 11 month pictures/update.

This has been a weird couple of months for our family. We continue to split our time between Chicago and Cleveland in order to maximize our time together as a family while also maintaining our life (and our house) in Chicago. It's been neat in some ways to go back and forth since the grandparents in the respective areas notice SO MANY changes in Maggie even when we've only been gone for a week or two. And it's true! She's changing so much.

She continues to be more and more mobile. She's not walking yet, but continues to come up with creative ways to get from place to place.

Her comprehension is going through the roof. We are suddenly realizing that she understands a LOT of what we say. It's been really fun to start to communicate with her verbally. And frustrating when we know that she is deliberately ignoring us. :) She has several "tricks" that she will do for us - "so big," "shimmy shake" (looks like she's shaking her head no), and is getting better at waving.

Opening and closing things continues to be a favorite thing to do, and can be almost guaranteed to amuse her.

She is also showing a sudden interest in books - even handing them to us to read to her (and she'll actually listen!), and can occupy her almost longer than any toy on our long car trips in the car.

She still loves dogs, and has also started showing extreme interest in babies - baby dolls, pictures of babies in books, babies we see when we're out and about, etc. I have no idea where that came from. Guess it is just part of being a girl.

I anticipate the next couple of months will be full of landmark changes - walking, talking and molars. Oh, and hopefully moving.

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AdamBam said...

That picture of Mr. Anderson and Maggie reading together tells such a great story... awesome shot!