Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Words

Maggie's been babbling for some time now, but until last week had not really associated sounds with objects.

Unlike most children her age who choose normal things as first words - mama, dada, ball, etc. - Maggie decided she wanted her first word to be "shoe" (pronounced "ssssssssssssssshh"). Ironic coming from the girl who still can't walk, and until this week didn't own a pair of shoes...but then again her mama does have quite a few pairs...

I am loving this new stage of communication. It is so fun to see her make connections with things and start verbally communicating what they are. The "shoe" sound has expanded to include "cheese" and "socks" and "Steve" (Gary has a little Steve Nash figurine that she plays with - aren't you proud, Adam?), which she will also do a variation of for "keys" as well. She says "t-t-t-" for "teacher" in one of her books (How does she even know what a teacher is??), and "k-k-k" for "car" (she got a little riding one last week that she is obsessed with). I believe that "ball" ("ba") is one of her only normal baby words at this point.

So the language skills are developing quickly! She says mamamamama all the time, and will even do it on command, but still has yet to associate it with me.

Here are some pictures of Maggie with her new s-s-s-shoes (which I love, by the way - thanks to all of you who gave me advice!), as well as her car. What a big girl she's becoming!


laura b. said...

Great pics. You're entering one of my favorite stages.

AdamBam said...

Love it! Go Maggie! And Go Suns!

Jessica Baer said...

Your pictures are looking more and more pro! Maggie is growing up so quick...can't believe she's walking!