Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I find my days with a two-year-old filled with almost constant conversation. I also find myself talking to her very frankly - as I would talk to any normal adult. Her incessant "what" and "where" questions seemed to be silenced the best when I give her the most succinct, truest answer.

Our conversations have been so random lately...we've discussed everything from full moons to speed limits to why chap stick only goes on your lips.

The other night she told Gary, "I'm not going to poop anymore because it smells smelly." If only this were a possibility.

Tonight she asked for a drink of water after I put her in her crib, which would normally be considered a total stall tactic, but since we had pizza for dinner, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. As I leaned against her crib and spaced out while I waited for her to drink her water (how does it take them so LONG to drink so LITTLE??), she looked up at me and asked,
"What you thinkin about, Momma?"
"I'm thinking about what kind of stuffing I should make for Thanksgiving."
"Oh. Hm. Let me think..."
"How bout Chick-fil-ick?"
"You know, that's a great idea!"
Again, if only this were a possibility.

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