Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was shocked the first day of preschool when Maggie came home with HOMEWORK. (After being in the swing of things for a couple of months now, I am glad to report this is not the norm.) I was even more shocked when I discovered that quite a few of the homework assignments were not so three-year-old friendly. So much for not doing their homework for them!

The assignments also tend to be quite vague. I currently have a construction paper "feather" with the instructions to decorate any way we'd like...and be creative! What does that mean?? Some parameters would be helpful! Also among my favorites was a blank photo album page saying that each child needed to make a "family" page. I don't remember the details of the instructions, but they were more vague than the feather.

I really did not want to make a page that looked like it was out of Martha Stewart magazine (even though I would have LOVED to do that)...I wanted Maggie to be involved as much as possible. So I printed and cut and she (with a little help) put the pictures on the page. Here's our final product:

It's not the fanciest or most creative (to be fair, I remembered at 8 am the morning it was due - only my mother can truly appreciate this), but I absolutely love it! I was struck as I was printing the pictures and looking at it later that every single one of these people is significant in Maggie's, dad, brother, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. What a blessing!! I do not take it for granted that my children have so many people speaking into and affecting their lives who love them so much.

I also love that a "my family" page that just included me and Gary and the kids would simply not be complete...even Maggie would tell you that.

On the subject of family, we've had some fun family visits this fall that I thought were worth documenting. My mom's quick visit surrounding Maggie's magnificent birthday was sandwiched between two "auntie" visits.

First, Kirstin, Jay and Briscoe came the weekend before for Kirstin, Jay and I to do a triathlon together.

Our support crew.

Briscoe was able to join us for Howie's Little Gym class.

There were LOTS of cuddles and hugs.

The following weekend, Auntie Kat came to visit. We were happy to initiate her into the world of everything kid/baby...which she will be encountering all too soon.

It was a full week, but full of great memories...we were sad to see everyone leave.

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Amy @ Seven Grey Sweaters said...

I love the fact that you totally glossed over doing a triathlon like it's no big deal. :) (How in the world do you find time to train??)

Those kiddos are getting so big!