Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well Checks

I took the kids in for their 3 year and 18 month well-checks at the doctor a couple of weeks ago.

For anyone wondering, it is NOT easier to do a "2-in-1" appointment. Lesson learned.

Yes, those are my naked children. On the floor. Of the doctor's office. Playing with the plumbing.

Here are a few updates (medical and otherwise) that I thought might be of interest, especially considering my lack of blogging lately.

Howie - 18.5 months
Still a little runt. Continues to hang out in the 10th percentile for weight and 50th for height.

His lack of size does not slow him down one bit. The kid can motor! He is constantly on the move...running, climbing, jumping, dancing...

Speaking of dancing...he's picked up a few playtime habits from the girls that are starting to raise a few eyebrows.

After quite a few months of me agonizing over his speech development, (I was having conversations with Maggie by now!) he seems to have turned a corner and his communication is really taking off.

Favorite words:
- "HOT!" (EVERYTHING is hot.)
- "Yeah." (The answer to any yes/no question.)
- "Good." (The answer to any "how" question.)
- "DUH-DUH!" (Aka "Truck truck." The kid practically has a seizure every time he sees one.)
- "Ah-dee." (He doesn't say it often, but this seems to be his name for Maggie. He LOVES his sister.)

Favorite foods:
- Pretzels
- "Jooooce"

Favorite books:
- Richard Scarry's "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go" (shocker)

"Where's Goldbug?"

The only time H-man is NOT on the move is sometimes when he's sick. Which, unfortunately for him (and for us) is quite often.

I'm probably the last mom to hear about this trick, but if not, it will SAVE YOUR LIFE.

I will leave you with this H-man randomness...walking around IN a lampshade.

Maggie - 3 years
Even though she was a runt herself for much of her babyhood, this girl has grown! She is at the 85 percentile for height and the 80th for weight...she towers over most kids her age.

Our latest nickname for her is "Super Why" because of the amount of questions she asks in any given day/situation. She is curious, inquisitive and thoughtful.

Caught saying lately:
- "Dad, I've got a hypothesis for you...why do you have to go to work?"
- "I think I'm coming up with a cold."
- (While talking on Skype to her Aunt, referring to her dog-cousin who was sniffing the floor)
"What's she doing?"
"She's looking for food crumbs that Briscoe has dropped on the floor from her seat so that she can eat them. It's one of her favorite things to do."
"Oh yeah. That's one of Howie's favorite things, too."

She is loving preschool. I don't know that I've ever seen her even turn around when the teacher takes her out of the car. I rarely hear anything specific about her day. When I received the monthly "newsletter" from the teacher, I was SHOCKED to hear all that they were learning about and doing in class, because Maggie certainly isn't giving anything away.

Favorite things:
- Princesses (esp. Belle)
- LONG dresses (via the above)
- Dress up (via the above)
- Watercolor paints
- Baby Allison
- Dancing
- Go Fish

Favorite books:
- Olivia Saves the Circus
- Angelina Ballerina

The kids are both starting to appreciate each other. They generally love playing together, and most of the time whining is heard because one of them wants the other to come play, or one is playing a little too closely. Thankfully, they are both pretty much into the same things right now.

One of my favorite things of late is to hear a "conversation" between the two of them. It basically consists of Maggie doing a non-stop stream of consciousness monologue and How inserting, "Yeah," whenever she pauses for breath. Not to gush, but it is SO. CUTE.

I know there's more. MUCH more. But hopefully this gives you a glimpse into our crazy life and our crazy kids...who are clearly changing and growing faster than I can type.

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