Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 Weeks

It's here...back by popular demand! The next BELLY SHOT. (I can't imagine this is really that fascinating, but everyone keeps asking me for them, so here you go.)

Even though I'm technically 18 weeks, this picture was taken at 17 weeks, so I thought I should title this post accordingly. I also should note that I do not feel like this is a very accurate picture. The shirt that I'm wearing is a little baggy, and I think the bump looks a little more prominent than it really is. Just needed to give that disclaimer...there are some things I wear that it's still hard to tell there's anything there!

Second trimester has been amazing for me so far. I love that I can't suck my stomach in anymore, that I'm more comfortable in maternity pants and dresses (this excludes sweatpants, of course), the random bumps and nudges I can feel from the baby (this is REALLY the best), and of course, having a bit more energy and appetite.

Only 3 more weeks until we find out the gender...both of us can hardly WAIT! What a wonderful season of anticipation.

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