Monday, April 27, 2009


Three years and eight months ago Gary and I sat on the beach on our honeymoon and talked about how we couldn't wait to go to a wedding now that we were on the other side of things. We had been to at least 10 in the year preceding our wedding, and ironically have not been to ONE since we were married!

This weekend happily broke that streak as we celebrated with our friends Matt and Jessica. It was a wonderful weekend and a beautiful wedding. Refreshingly good times with friends from far away, too. Our house was full...and we had a blast.

Can't wait for the other upcoming weddings this are a few pics from the wedding...

Gary, The Happiest Man Alive, Josh

The NEXT happy couple! Less than a month to go!

(Gary told me he didn't want to be documented in this attire - see following post - but it's been so long since we've had a picture of us, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!)

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