Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And that's the Magic Number

It's pretty rare that we go on a vacation either sans extended family or not to see extended family, so when the opportunity came to go with Gary on a business trip to Florida and create a little mini vaca, we took it!

The trip in pictures:

Lots of good food!
Pei Wei...where I wanted to give her a fortune cookie soooooo bad.

Five Guys...where I wanted to give her a fry soooooo bad.

Maggie's "bed" for the weekend.

Riding bikes. Did I mention it was 90+?

Lots of shoulder kisses.

Biking break by the beach.

A little pool time.

Her favorite toy - the non-toy.

Watching American Idol in the hotel, waiting for dad to come home from his business dinner. Before you judge, just before this she wet the bed down to the mattress pad while I was changing her diaper. Housekeeping was gone for the day, and while the man and the desk "looked for more sheets," she threw up while I was holding her and stripping the bed. So Bad Mom? You decide.

All in all it was a great trip. Nice to get away for a bit, and really fun to spend some time together as a fam.

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Katie said...

Great picture of her and Gary! Wishing for some 90 degree weather right now...