Monday, April 23, 2012


A recent blogpost from a friend reminded me how quickly the kids are changing and growing. She compared them to little goldfinches...if you don't stop from time to time to watch them (or watch for them) they are simply gone. I've been trying to keep this in mind through my days, and am finding myself tucking away countless moments, thoughts, images and conversations that I know are fleeting and I know I will quickly forget.

"Mom! MOM!!! Can you stop the WIND??"
"No, Mags. Only one person can stop the wind. Do you know who that person is?"
"Yeah. Dad."

One day, I put the kids in the car and had to run back inside to grab something and I came back out only to hear the sound of pealing laughter coming from the car - from both of them. Then I heard Maggie yell,
"Hey Mom! We're being funny! We're doing funny faces!"
Shocked - and curious - how Howie could be doing a funny face for her, I raced around the car...only to find Maggie squeezing his cheeks between her forefinger and thumb. I was appalled at first - she was squeezing HARD! But apparently he found it hilarious.

Maggie has lately started to burst into tears whenever something displeases her (ahem, H man), and has also found the need to exclaim,  "I'm just SO SAD!" Glad that she could clarify what the tears mean. I secretly find it very sweet that she wants to express her emotions both physically and verbally.

Maggie loves to "check on" things and people. The best part is that she has to tell you what she's doing and she loves to refer to me, Gary and Howie as "my mom," "my dad," or "my brother" us.
"Hey Dad. I'm just going to go check on my mom. I'll be right back."
"I'm going to go check on my brother. I'll be right back. Hey Howie, you doing OK? OK. Hey Mom! He's doing OK!

Maggie and her friend Charis. I LOVE these two together!! There are never enough pink things, shoes, babies, bags or goldfish for them to share. Oh, and Howie annoys them both equally. I frequently hear from both of them, "H-MAN!!...NOOOO!"

I received an email from a friend - who also happened to be Maggie's Sunday School teacher this week - explaining how they learned about Mary and Martha this week. Apparently she asked each child if Jesus were to come to their house if they would cook and clean or sit at his feet to listen to Him. Maggie said "sit and listen." She then asked the group in general who chose wisely (meaning Mary or Martha), and without hesitation, Maggie piped up "I DID!!!"

I found myself drawing parallels between showers and clean floors last week. Once done, I am hesitant to do anything to undo them. For example...showered yesterday? Hm. Better not do anything that requires sweat or dirt for at least two days. Cleaned the floor today? You better bet that we're going someplace ELSE for dinner tonight!

I'm not sure how it is possible to find Yogurt Hands in so many places. Especially because we don't necessarily eat a ton of yogurt. Maybe I just need to clean my chairs more frequently.

Having an almost toddling boy has made me recently realize the true value of having a soft ottoman/coffee table at the center of the room. Little did we know how much abuse that thing would get...

Most of my Howie snippets I shared in his One Year update, but one image that has been consistent lately is me realizing that he is not in the family room. In fact, I don't see him at all. Then I hear a scamper in the playroom and find him perched on Maggie's chair looking and pointing out the window. I really need to get a picture of this.

After a year I have finally discovered the key to making it through Target (or any public place) with both kids. (Not the hat - the popcorn. Although the hat is cute...)

My MOTY nomination has been in full-force the past few weeks. This was a rather slow day that involved me pushing Howie in the shopping cart and Mags pushing her baby in the stroller. There may or may not have been a race involved. Oh, and FYI that thing can FLY on the pergo. But you didn't hear that from me.

She's turning into quite the helper/shopper. Does she know the meaning of a LIST??

SNOW!! It's true! On April 11 Cleveland finally showed its true colors. For the record, today is April 23 and the high was 41. Remember when I wanted to move to California?? Yep. Still do.

A strangely appropriate outfit...

A tackle or a hug? I honestly don't remember.

I "built" this "house" for them at least three weeks ago. Finally last week, on the day that I thought its days of just taking up space in the playroom were through, they finally stopped ignoring it. It's been their new favorite hang out spot for a week now. Oddly enough, they don't mind being in there together.

Holding her brother's hand to cross the street.

I was hoping that Maggie's shorts from last summer would also fit this year. Apparently she's tall or something. Parental approval aside, I'd say that her potential as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is high.

Yes - she wears the boots EVERY day. And yes, they are always on the wrong feet.

Even reading this now I know there are so many things I'm leaving with these two is crazy, funny, sweet and non-stop.


Shelly W. said...

This is so cute! Love it, Beth! My favorite is about Maggie crying because she is "SO SAD!!" Just wait until she's about 12 or 13 and then she'll cry for no reason at all! :) The mantra around here is, "I just feel like crying and I have no idea why!"

laura b. said...

So fun to hear about your little ones. We'd have some fun stories to share if we lived in town together. Keep taking it all in and enjoying as much as possible. S is already 4 and I really can't believe it.