Thursday, March 8, 2012

Right Back Where We Started From

I think subconsciously I've been procrastinating writing about our trip to California because I don't want to think about how wonderful it was. I am still waiting to take a trip out there where Gary and I do not spend 90% of our conversations in the subject area of, "WHY do we not live out here??"

For example, this is a picture Gary took on one of his bike rides:

We're not in Ohio anymore, Toto.

It was one of our best trips out there to date, as well as a very fun "family" vacation. Considering Gary began commuting nearly two years ago, and a year ago saw us moving (!) and having a baby (!!), vacations are not something we see much of in these parts.

We loved introducing the kids (especially Howie) to their other great grandparents.

Maggie particularly hit it off with Great Gramma. She was constantly asking for her when she wasn't around, and when she was, the two of them were almost always in constant conversation.

And OF COURSE Aunt Charlotte! (Uncle Joe unfortunately escaped from being in a picture)

I think Maggie would have played at Aunt Charlotte's house every day if she could have. She particularly loved the fountain in her backyard.

Vacations with young children take on a whole new meaning. As in, they mostly consist of "typical" days...just in a new place. We all enjoyed laying low and exploring some new parks, walks, and of course, seeing the sun.

James Way...If only there were a less steep way to reach the park.

Maggie loved hanging out in Great Grandad's spot - the swing on the back porch. It's pretty rare for her to wander off anywhere by herself, but we found her out here multiple times each day.

I suppose Maggie wasn't really ever ANYWHERE completely by herself...
Baby Allison was always (as usual) in tow.

Even when she wasn't on the porch she was thinking about being on the porch.

Our two big outings were to Avila Beach and to the Pismo Beach Pier.

The beach was not as great of a hit as the nearby playground. Shocker.

Howie was pretty much content wherever.

The walk down the pier was going smoothly until Maggie discovered she could see the water below her feet between the slats. We conquered this problem/fear by jumping from slat to slat. The walk back took quite awhile...

Between the glasses and the hair she seriously could be an 80 year-old woman.

The surfers were a HUGE highlight. She loved watching them get "smashed" by the waves.

She SO belongs out there!!

The ONLY picture of all four of us from the entire trip. A typical family pic for us. I'm seriously contemplating dressing Maggie as the Mayor of Whoville next Halloween.

After our walk on the pier, we discovered a new favorite local joint - Pismo Yogurt!

We were thrilled with this discovery. Maggie was thrilled with the sprinkles.

And THERE you have it! I apologize for the slew of many great memories, it was hard to pick. I can still feel the sunshine on my face and smell that wonderful salty air...


Amy @ Seven Grey Sweaters said...

Looks like such a great time! I love Maggie in her sunglasses. You are so right about traveling with kids. I think it's funny when we do the most mundane things in the most exotic places. :)

Beth said...

Sometime we will have to drive DOWN the coast, Amy! I was genuinely sad to be all the way out there and not be able to see you and meet sweet Meret!

Sarah said...

love all of these. but i have to say. you're not allowed to move out there until after we've moved from OH. :)

Shelly W. said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. And I will be chuckling about that "Mayor of Whoville" comment for a long time!