Sunday, June 17, 2012


Maggie currently has three "little" bags that she carries around with her throughout the day. She often asks if we would like to come shopping with her, which really involves just walking around lugging her bags. (I need to teach this girl the value of a stroller and a shopping cart!) Now and then I find her secretly stashing a new object into one of these bags. The consistent theme of these items? Anything that is one of her favorite, purple and now red. She is very protective of her bags and these things, but last night I opened one up and snuck a peek.

"Maggie!! I think it's time to go through your bags and clean some of this stuff out."
"No, Mom! I like my bags FULL."

This morning when we got home from church I snuck a peek inside my own bag...

Even though she gets her sorting and attention to detail from her dad, I'm going to venture to say that she acquired some of my genes as well. Ouch.

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