Monday, June 25, 2012


Part of my catching-up-posts go all the way back to March! (I can see the shock on your face now. Oh wait - that's just shock from me posting twice in one month, isn't it?)

In addition to our Chicago visitors, I failed to mention that my sister-in-law and "new" baby niece came to visit. What a wonderful time we had with them! It was extra great since usually Kirstin and Jay are only able to come for a weekend or a few days, but this time they were here for an entire week!

Briscoe is simply the sweetest thing. Isn't she just yummy??

No one warned me how incredible it is to be an aunt. A completely unique (and wonderful!) feeling. 

Apparently no one warned Maggie how amazing it is to have a cousin, either. She was elated. Still is. It's now been three months since we've seen Kirstin and Briscoe, and she still prays for them every night. (I'm sorry to say that the other aunts and uncles only make it in sporadically.)

SO many hugs!

How big is Briscoe??

Whenever everyone is together, Bops inevitably ends up somewhere away from everyone else with Maggie and Howie. This time we found him with all three! Somehow I don't think he minds in the least.

The only halfway decent picture of the three cousins. It all went downhill from here:

We all loved our time together. We tried to accommodate schedules as much as possible and alternated between Mimi and Bops and our house (how great to live so close!). We even ventured out to the zoo one day! It was TRUE CHAOS wherever we were, but we enjoyed and soaked up every minute. It's very fun to see the family start filling up with children...we are thankful for cousins!!

The week went WAY too fast, and we all fell in love with Baby B. We simply can't wait to see the Wagemann's say we wish they lived closer is an extreme understatement. I can't imagine how much Briscoe has changed already. I hear she is perfecting her cartwheel and she speaks fluent French.

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