Monday, March 21, 2011

Eighteen Months

As it's been awhile since I posted a true Maggie update, I thought that 18 months seemed like a good time. And even though "Baby vs. Grinch" is not really appropriate any more, here's where they stand these days:

It's been a long time since I've done a formal-ish "photo shoot" with her (Remember when I used to do them on a monthly basis? That was nice.), but I've tried to include some recent pics from my phone that document life lately.

Very proud to be sporting the new dress that Auntie Kat made her. I love the buttons on the shoulders. Such a cute touch!

This girl is constantly ON THE MOVE. Part of the reason that the photo shoots have gone out the window. This shot was originally supposed to document her laying on her stomach shoving alphabet letters under the fridge. Hmph.

Yes, even though it's getting longer (and curlier), Dwight Hair still exists.

I wouldn't say that she's necessarily naughty (although she does have her moments), but she is for sure mischievous, as can be seen by the glint in her eye. (A look seen often throughout the day)

Not many people will appreciate this picture, but it is to document a small miracle. Of Maggie eating vegetables. Yes, that is a green bean she is trying to pick up. Just goes to show you if you douse it in enough soy sauce anything is delicious!

Exploring our new library. I would say it was a hit.

After WEEKS of begging to go outside, the weather finally warmed up a bit last week for a couple of days and we took full advantage. From the very beginning this girl has LOVED being outside. When we first went out she went right for the snow shovel, but after I "explained" that there was nothing to shovel, she conceded to take the mini rake instead...even though she ironically won't step foot into the grass because it is "YUCK."

Thanks to some suggestions, we've discovered a great local park. And Maggie's love for the slide has been rekindled. Yes, she goes down head-first. For being a generally overly-cautious child, she shows absolutely no inhibitions when it comes to the slide.

Maggie is currently obsessed with Elmo and Abby from Sesame Street. One of the Elmo episodes she loves to watch talks all about drums. I intermittently catch her "drumming" on various things throughout the day.

Asking to play in her car is one of the number one questions I am asked throughout the day. She asks for "Car? car? car? car? car? etc." until you respond and then makes sure to point to herself and say, "Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma." So that you know that she is talking about HER car, and not just going for a ride in A car.

Like I said, always on the move, and not a big fan of the diaper change and/or getting dressed these days.

Really the biggest changes we've seen in Mags in the past few months (and even weeks!) is her vocabulary. There is not much that she is not saying these days, and if she doesn't know the word already she'll repeat pretty much anything you say. Her pronunciation is getting better and better, so that she is saying whole words (i.e. "Baby" instead of "Ba" or "House" instead of "ouw"). There are still a few animals that she calls by their sounds instead of their names, but this week she finally changed from "ruff" to "dog," which - adorably enough - she pronounces "Dahwg." I will be really, really sad when she stops clucking (clicking her tongue on the roof of her mouth) instead of saying chicken. Also when she actually says "Oops" instead of "Biss." And the jury is out whether "Bops" will remain Gary's dad's name for good.

She continues to be an absolute joy. She has done remarkably through this whole past month or two of transitions and changes...blown away all expectations. She loves having her dad around on a daily basis now, and when the morning permits, they spend the first part of the day together and let mom sleep in. A win-win-win! We are having so much fun watching her change from a baby into a little girl and experiencing life from the perspective of an 18-month old.


Elise said...

Hey B - My kids think Maggie is the best. We frequent your blog so that one day, when they finally meet, my girls will know this girl. :) Today, Maya's comments were so sweet...they would get alone so well! Love ya!

"Ahhhhhh, cute! Derrs Maggie!"
"And derrs Maggie!"
"And derrs Maggie!"
"And derrs Maggie, again!"
"And derrs Maggie at my school!"
"Derrs Maggie outside!"

laura b. said...

I love this age.

Charlotte said...

Really cute pictures, Beth! So fun to catch up on Mags AND to get a couple little glimpses of your new place!! It'll be a miracle if this comment takes... I've tried many times before!!

Keri Speidel said...

gosh darn it, you have cute kids :)