Monday, March 28, 2011

First Visitor

We are coming off of the high of having our first official visitor in our new home. My sister was kind enough to spend a good portion of her spring break a) in Cleveland, b) hanging out with a Very Pregnant Lady and her 18-month old daughter.

Considering that most of our time together in Chicago was spent in hour or two chunks of time after Maggie had gone to bed, we all enjoyed the treat of being together all day every day. Maggie showed particular delight when she saw Laura each morning.

I am starting my documentation of this visit with this picture for a couple of reasons. First, Laura was gracious enough to play with Maggie, crawl with her on the floor, take her outside, sit inside her tent, etc...all things that are becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me these days. Maggie LOVED it, and for four days straight we heard a near constant stream of "Wah-rah."

This is also one of the only pictures from Laura's visit that does not revolve around or involve food.

Laura is reading "Are you my mother?" in this picture (Maggie's current favorite), and this is the face Maggie makes when she says "Dahwg."

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