Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Helper

Maggie's independence is growing by the day. She is really into doing things herself (i.e. eating with a fork, throwing things away, etc.), so I have been trying to be intentional about having her "help" when she can. She especially loves it when I let her sprinkle the cheese or the salt and pepper when I make her an egg.

This morning she was extra excited as I offered for her to help make bread. It could have mostly been because she got to squeeze the honey bear (which she can often be found walking around the house with at random times), but I think it made a fun morning activity for both of us in general.

As an added bonus, a train went by right after we added the flour. (Note the tip-toes to look out the window)

She is truly a great companion, and I know she will be a super helper once Baby Brother comes.

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laura b. said...

I remember when I realized it would be easier (and more enjoyable) to have Sylvia help me rather than be frustrated that she was hanging on my ankles.