Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby vs. Grinch - One & Two Months

So even though my blogging habits have been horrendous, I have indeed been keeping up with the Baby vs. Grinch pictures. I have to include his 5 day pic in this, too...I can't believe how much he has changed in just two short months!!

He is (as you can see) growing into his looks quite well. It's amazing how fast they grow (I know, stupid Mom cliche, but REALLY...) and change. I'm also astounded at how much of his personality we are already able to distinguish.

Much like his arrival, Howard's presence is for the most part rather unassuming. Other than his very loud and very agitated grunting and groaning (more on that in a minute), he is completely laid back, super happy and so pleasant. This is a good thing, as his sister tends to be quite the Attention Seeker. (A result of both age and personality, I think.)

His smiles started appearing around a month, and have just exploded in the past few weeks. He is seriously one of the smiliest babies I've ever seen. I love when I look down when we're not even trying to get him to smile and he's just wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear. My favorite is when I've caught him smiling at me as he's falling asleep. My heart has been melted on this account more than once.

Also in the heart-melting category is how often he will smile for Gary. I love watching them talk together! Speaking of talking, yes, he is a coo-er. Maggie may be the talker now, but I never remember her coo-ing like this. He makes the sweetest sounds that are so soft, yet can turn every head in a room.

He also makes some not-so-sweet sounds. Almost from birth the kid has been a grunter. To the point we were rather concerned about it, and even discussed it with the doctor. The grunting seems to be letting up with time, though, both in intensity and frequency, which is causing us to relax a little bit. His worst time of day tends to be around 6 a.m., and once he makes his first poop of the day, everything is smiles and sunshine from there on out. Unfortunately, 6 a.m. tends to be the time that I'm trying to squeeze in one more hour of sleep before Mags wakes up. (sigh) Such is life right now.

Maggie's best time of day was always first thing in the morning. Howard's is generally right before he goes to bed at night.

He's still a sleepy baby, and falls asleep so easily. Loves to be rocked, yet will fall asleep just about anywhere...sitting in your arms, in the car, even just laying in his crib watching the mobile! This has been a huge grace to me, as I don't know what I would do if he had to be walked to sleep up and down the stairs like his sister. He also sleeps pretty soundly, which helps, as Maggie is still learning to be quiet.

He's an excellent (fast and efficient) eater, which also helps me keep up with our Very Busy little gal.

I've delayed posting this for some time now, as I have a slew of pictures from the past two months on my phone, but somehow they failed to upload when I synched my phone the other night. I am quite frustrated, but have put off posting this long enough (we're pushing 11 weeks now!), so I will do another post with all of the "daily" pictures sometime soon.

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I LOVE that little MOUTH of his... so cute!!