Monday, June 6, 2011


An update on the kids is coming...I promise. In the meantime, I wanted to jot down (mainly for my memory) some of the things Maggie has said and done today.

1. The day started with this:

Howie was being so cute and Maggie wanted to hold him so I thought Great! It will be like the last morning on the bed photo shoot. Only Maggie refused to look at the camera. She flat out ignored me in fact (something she's becoming quite good at). And see that mischievous look in her eye? That's because she knows that she should be smiling and not poking her brother in the nipple. Apparently that's hilarious.

2. The past couple of weeks I've enjoyed going to the library on Monday mornings. We have a great library that is full of games and trains and toys (oh yeah and books), and it's always a nice default for me when I'm not sure what to do to get the week started. This morning when I was trying to convince (read: bribe) Maggie to get dressed with the promise of the library she kept saying "Yipes." I was very confused. "Yikes?" "No, YIPES." After several rounds of back and forth I finally figured out she was saying "LIBES." As in short for library.

3. Our local grocery store is called Heinen's. Maggie LOVES to go because she almost always gets a cookie. Most of the time I just ask her if she wants to go to the grocery store with me...I can't ever remember calling it Heinen's to her. Anyways, after asking for Daddy for the 300th time before 10:00 (he didn't leave until 9), she followed "Daddy" with "work." "Yes, Daddy went to work." "Heinens." "What??" "Heinens." "Daddy went to work at Heinen's?" Nod. "Yep."

4. For lunch she told me she wanted a "hammieburger." (Lately she's been adding -ie to everything) I told her I didn't have any hammieburgers but asked if she would like a fish burger. Nod. "Yep." I then gave her the option of peas or mixed veggies and she picked "mixed". (Have I ever mentioned her strong aversion to vegetables?) Amazingly enough she ate a half a bowl of veggies, half a salmon burger and some apple slices. Everything dipped in ketchup (or "dip") of course. I give all credit of this remarkable lunch to VeggieTales.

5. We've been talking up our upcoming trip to Chicago big time around here. "Ca-co" is how she pronounces the big city, and we've been practicing all of the names of everyone we will see there - Grandma, Papa, Laura, Hannah, Big Papa and Mamaw (my grandparents). I must also mention here that Maggie's most recent favorite word is HUGE. I write it in all caps because that's how she says it. Here's how the conversation went.
"Yes, we're going to Chicago. Who will we see there?"
"Gramma and Papa are huge??"
"Papa is huge??"

This was the point that I figured out that she wasn't saying Papa was huge - she was replacing Big with Huge for Big Papa. So Huge Papa it is!

6. Her HUGE vocabulary is becoming even funnier as her little imagination is starting to blossom. Today she wanted to pretend that we were tigers. So we crawled around on our hands and knees and went to the kitchen to discover and pick up all of the crumbs, as tigers naturally do. Naptime came shortly after this and as I picked her up and began to sing on our way up the stairs she requested, "Tiger." So I ended up singing four rounds of "Jesus Loves the Little Tigers."

Where DOES she come up with this stuff?? And this is all before 1:30 today! Yikes. Or should I say "YIPES."

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mamakaren said...

Where does she come up with this stuff? Ymmmm, that is an easy one.
Like mother, like daughter :)