Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

It really was a Memorial Day week for me rather than weekend, as we had two awesome visitors back-to-back. Both my dear friend Rachel and my dear sister (and friend) Laura came out to meet the baby and hang out with us. Little did they know how much they would be helping and working! The timing of their visits could not have been more perfect, as I have been feeling particularly overwhelmed with Two these days.

As usual, my camera did not get the use that it should, but we managed to snap a quick shot (self-timer, thus the off-centered orientation) before Rachel left. She is truly a great and selfless friend. Maggie is STILL asking about her over a week later!

As for Laura, we were ALL thrilled for her to come out again. I think Maggie's names for her evolved at least four times while she was here, finally settling on "Ya-Ya." This is strange to me, as she can totally say her R's, and was saying "Wah-Rah" before she came. But whatever. It's cute. Once again, the camera did not come out nearly enough. The one picture I took of the four of us was before we worked out one day and I don't think she would speak to me if I posted it. It's a good thing that we will see her again in just a few weeks!

Here are some shots of our FUN weekend together:

Friday night we went to see the hot air balloons lift off from the parking lot of a local high school. Little did we know what a hit this would be with the Mags. Here she is talking to Gary about the HUGE balloons. She is still talking about them, and just about with the same enthusiasm that she had that night.

We had a fun cookout on Sunday. The food was amazing as usual, and we enjoyed a perfect spring/summer evening.

Maggie, playing in the backyard pool. (It was a HOT HOT day!)

Swinging, currently one of her absolute favorite things to do. This was a particularly fun moment to capture, as she got in the swing and burst into a huge smile when she saw all of us watching her.

Watching "Up." Based on Friday night's events, you can imagine how riveted she was by a movie about giant balloons. The concern on her face here is due to the thunderstorm the house had to travel through. (Have I mentioned that I am practically giddy thinking about introducing her to her first full length feature film on our upcoming road trip to Chicago?? My head is spinning with all of the possibilities!)

Monday we went to the local Memorial Day parade. Only about 100 times more fun with a kid!

Maggie would NOT smile at the camera. She would not even look at the camera, in fact. So I had to settle for an action shot.

Uncle Paul and his sweet girlfriend Heather. Did I mention it was a week of wonderful visitors??

Howie really enjoyed the parade.

Maggie and Mimi watching the parade from the curb.

A (rare) picture of me and Howie, waving to all of his adoring fans.

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