Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over the River and through the Woods

We had a wonderful time celebrating the Fourth of July down at my parents cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

It was amazingly refreshing and fun. Thanks to AT&T's reliable service, I was without phone reception and Internet almost the entire time...which actually turned out to be great!

Howard "roughing it" in a sink bath.

My sister and her husband were able to come out for most of the weekend, which was so much fun. They were able to meet Howard for the first time, and Uncle Justin introduced Maggie to fireworks.

Maggie helping Auntie Kat bake a cake.

Maggie loved playing in the river bed in the afternoons. She mostly liked to "Foh wocks."

We went on a couple of fun hikes, too. Some were more successful than others.

Don't we look super outdoors-y here?? I think the umbrella gives us away.

Pics with Papa.

It's been a long time since we've gone on a true vacation, and a really long time since we've truly relaxed and unplugged from life. We can hardly wait until our next vacation now! (TBD, of course)

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