Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorry, Blog

There are several things that I now swear I will never tell mothers.

1. "Having two kids close together is SO much easier." Maybe it is. I have nothing to compare it to. But if it is the case, I certainly would not want to have two kids any further apart!

2. (as a tangent from one) "Take it easy. The laundry can wait. It will still be there tomorrow." This is not a helpful comment. Because the laundry WILL still be there tomorrow, along with the three new loads that need to be done along with the other 10 million things that never get done.

My cousin (mother of four) told me a few weeks ago that there was a time that she thought instead of adopting a baby, maybe a 13-year-old girl would be a better idea. I like her thought process.

So in the meantime, blogging suffers. It always seems the last thing on my list of What Needs to be Done. It is a close last-place to sleeping, eating and showering.

In the meantime, Howard starts Kindergarten next week.

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laura b. said...

I think having two kids is just hard work no matter when you have them. A blogging idea: I usually upload my pictures when I can I've got time to stop back at the computer from time to time...usually while the kids are awake. Then I can write later when I've got time to think...usually when the kids are asleep. It helps to break it up. The people that tell me not to worry about laundry and dishes, etc. have not seen my house. It is already in pretty bad shape. I can't imagine falling further behind.