Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby vs. Grinch - Three & Four Months

Today is one of those days that I woke up feeling like I didn't have enough brain capacity to be a mother. And so, now that both kids are sleeping (at least for now), I am turning to something that requires even less brain capacity - blogging. It doesn't require much mainly because I do it so seldom these days.

This is the proof - here is Howard's three AND four month update.

This picture captures Howie's personality SO well!

Take that, Grinch!

He continues to be our smiley, happy boy. I wasn't quite sure what to do yesterday when we were at the doctor and he cried after his shots...what was that noise?

In terms of milestones, he can now roll back to front (I've only actually caught a full one once...but the ability is there!), drools constantly (causing his sister to say, "Howard - pukers everywhere!"), loves sucking on his fingers and hands (would kill for him to latch on to that thumb!), and has recently discovered his feet (it will only be a matter of time til they make it in his mouth).

He is trying his very best to sit up. I feel like I am always catching him in a crunch position...that kid is going to have some killer abs. He's strong enough for the exersaucer now (cue angels), at least for brief periods. I think it's probably a nice break for him from his playmat.

He loves eye contact. Most of the time if he is fussing or becoming irritable, all you need to do is bend over and look at him and smile and he is happy again. Good thing he is so easy on the eyes!

He weighs just over 14 pounds now, continuing his position in the 25th percentile. He is 25 inches, which is a bit of a growth spurt from our last appointment, and that puts him into the 50th for height. So as fat as we think he is, he is really just a little peanut still.

I remember several people telling me that three/four months was their favorite time with babies. I never felt that with Mags...I enjoyed seven/eight months much more with her. Maybe it's just his sweet and happy spirit, but I am totally loving these months with Howard. I feel like with as crazy as life is these days with two and an almost two-year-old (??!), I can always look at or talk to him and he brings a smile to my face and sort of grounds me again. Both of my kids have been (and are) great companions to me, and I hope that this is a trait that continues to develop as our little family forms, as well as their relationships and friendships in the "outside world."

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Beth Bryson said...

Howard is a DOLL!!!!!! What a sweet pea!!!! Love his eyes!!!!! What fun!!!!!