Friday, August 19, 2011

One Month to Go

I'm not quite sure when it happened, but I think the Mags has grown up. Today she is 23 months.

Baby vs. Grinch is definitely no longer a baby...and probably more of a Grinch these days. So I guess it's a toss up who won the vs. competition.

She is suddenly speaking in sentences, listening to full books (and reciting them pretty well, too!), eating (more) well-rounded meals, playing on her own and understanding cause and effect (read: discipline and bribery).

She is almost two going on about twelve. Anyone older than the age of seven enthralls her. Anyone younger is worth ignoring (other than her brother...she likes him most of the time).

Her affection for Howie is actually increasing exponentially. (see subsequent post) She loves to hug and kiss him, still loves to hold him, and I've even caught her talking to him in Goos and Gahs. He is definitely going to be the kid in the pink tutu drinking tea in the playhouse. And not by his own choice.

She has known her colors and numbers for a few months now. We are still working on counting actual objects - most of the time her answer for how many of anything is "Two." She can count straight to fifteen, though, only skipping the number 9 occasionally. We're working on the alphabet. She is getting really close to being able to do the whole thing. This has nothing to do with our parenting skills, by the way, I give all credit to Sesame Street and the alphabet apps on my iPad.

(The other day I counted out her fruit snacks for her and when I got all ten on the counter she picked one up and ate it and said "nine.")

Her (or my) hair woes continue. It seems to be growing up and out these days. I call it her MoFro (Mohawk/Afro). Most days it's anyone's guess whether she will look more like Mr. T or Doc from Back to the Future.

She is a daddy's girl for sure. It is fairly common for her to stop in the middle of whatever she's doing and yell, "DAAADD! Where are you??" I love watching their relationship develop...especially now that she is starting to have conversations with us. And it is nice to have someone on hand who can throw a ball really really high.

We are looking forward to celebrating her TWO years with us next month. What a blessing and joy this little girl is! (Even in spite of those two-year-old mood swings)

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AdamBam said...

Hey, Beth! Can you ask Gary where he got that pale-colored Under Armour® shirt he's wearing in the first photo?

Thanks in advance!