Monday, March 26, 2012

Four Under Four

No, I'm not pregnant with twins. (Not pregnant AT ALL, as a matter of fact. But thanks for asking.)

We are coming off the high that surrounded our house this weekend due to some great friends from Chicago who came to visit. And by high I mean the over-energetic, over-stimulated, over-excited, over-tired tornado of toddlers who blew through or house. Not to mention the four bleary-eyed parents who somehow made it to the end of the day on adrenaline and coffee just to stare blankly at each other across the room.

Needless to say, it was a blast. (No pun intended.)

Considering this is not much different than how normal days go for us, we were thrilled to have others around to share in the experience!

The only one with all four looking in the direction of the camera.

Three out of four smiling.

(Note the girls' fancy shoes and the fact that three out of four are also holding hair accessories.)

Maggie (2.5) and Ellery (3.25) got along splendidly. It was such a joy to watch our two little girls share in conversation, laughter, reading, play and stubbornness. They have been "growing up" together for several years now - it was really fun to see them at this stage where they were really interacting as little people.

Flashback: (only 13 months ago!)

Howie (11.99999 months and 18 pounds) and Levi (10 months and 26 pounds) I'm afraid have parted still not knowing what to think about each other. I think that Howie spent most of the time trying to make up for his lack of size in orneriness. Levi spent most of the time (very wisely) sitting back and observing the chaos that ensued from the girls and the H-Man.

The moms spent the days quite happily in pajamas, thankful to have some company and support.

The dads enjoyed some rare and lengthy bike rides, also thankful to have some company and support.

We continue to be ever grateful for those God has placed in our lives (both near and far) who can relate to and enjoy this crazy stage of life we are in right now. It was such a blessing to share this weekend and to continue to share our lives with these dear friends...who re-affirmed for us at the end of the day, no, we really aren't alone and yes, we really are tired.

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Nicole said...

Maybe you should have twins... :)