Thursday, October 15, 2009

In the Kitchen with Maggie

Due to a couple of overripe bananas as well as an overdose of Food Network, I decided to re-enter the kitchen yesterday.

This break from the couch was brought to you by HotSling. Convenient, yet I can't say that she really loves it (like I hear a lot of babies do)...may need to find another being mobile around the house solution.

This is a trick I learned from a friendship bread recipe a few years ago...after spraying/greasing the pan, sprinkle sugar on the bottom and edges, and then again across the top of the batter once you pour it in. It makes the edges of any sweet bread extra crispy and sweet!

She has been increasingly alert between feedings recently. Now...just need to focus that alertness to the daytime!


Tara said...

Aww. She's getting big already! My kiddos did not like the hotsling as infants. Too squished, I think. I use it all the time now with Maya in the hip carry-- it's great for quick trips into the store, etc.

If you want to get another carrier, I've heard good things about these:

I have a babyhawk, and while I like it a lot, it wasn't *great* until they were a 2-3 months old.

Also heard great things about the Ergo carrier.

I'll have to try that sugar-in-the-baking-pan idea. That sounds delicious!

Beth said...

Thanks, Tara - this is just what I wanted to know. I was contemplating taking it back...but I'm glad to know that Maya likes it better now that she's older. Thanks for the other suggestions, too!