Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plugging along

For those of you who have never made it, the drive from Memphis to
Chicago is one of the most boring, uninteresting trips you could ever
make. Evidence #1: The fact that the cross in Effingham is one of the
major landmarks on the trip. Not a city. Because there aren't any. As
you can see, the weather today is adding a lot to the drive.


Nicole said...

Effingham --that was a landmark from my childhood trips between TX and MI (to grandma's house). We'd talk all day about how we were going to eat at this family diner/chicken place in Effingham. I'd get a Shirley Temple and fried chicken...and that is all I know about Effingham.

mamakaren said...

Please tell Nicole that is all you ever need to know about Effingham. Also, that drive through downstate Illinois is all the proof that you need that overpopulation of the world is not a problem.