Monday, October 19, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

I went to the gym this weekend for the first time in...well...I asked the lady at the desk just because I couldn't remember. Unfortunately, she felt the need to lie, either out of disbelief, or just to try to make me feel better, because I definitely didn't go anywhere near the gym on August 18. Maybe she meant April 18? Regardless, it's been a VERY long time.

As I pondered this lapse in exercise on my way over there, I found myself wondering how that much time could go by. Where did the last 10 MONTHS of my life go? The unfortunate conclusion (other than exhaustion from the pregnancy) was my job. And my next thought was, "It's not worth it." As much as I like and have fun with what I do, what sacrifice does that come at, and are there things being sacrificed that are more important to me?

My boss (and dear friend) asked me before I left what I was most looking forward to in this new stage of life. One of the things I told her was that I was looking forward to re-prioritizing the things that matter to me.

Ironically, as I was thinking about these things I also started to think about the fact that Maggie was a month old. Where did the last 4 WEEKS of my life go? The amazing conclusion was my baby. And my next thought was, "It's SO worth it."

This post is not to say that I am anti-work or anti-moms-working or even that I won't work. There is definitely a balance. It was just nice to gain some perspective on life. I can't do everything, and at the end of the day, my time with my husband and child and serving and loving them is the most important to me.

I could design something for the most prestigious publication or make the coolest website or create the most unbelievable logo...but really, my daughter is the best thing that I've ever made...and she makes all of those pale quite dramatically in comparison. Makes my job as a Mom seem much, much grander than my job as a Designer any day of the week.

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