Thursday, January 13, 2011


This was a moment of pure joy this week, brought to you by HomeGoods. I thought Maggie was going to jump out of the cart out of excitement when we put one dog in there with her. It's a miracle she didn't pass out when we added the second. I wish we had a video to capture how excited she really was. The dark brown one may or may not have come home with us. One of the many benefits of shopping with Grandma.

Oh and "foof" or "fuff" is what she calls dogs. Most animals are called by their sounds these days, and this is Maggie's derivative of "woof." It's secretly one of my favorite words that she says. Mainly because it is one word/sound that only means one thing. Helps with the guess work tremendously. Not to mention being super cute.


Laura said...

Way to go-- training her to enjoy Home Goods from an early age!

Nicole said...

I'm with Laura and guessing that this is at Homegoods... PS --I honked at you at the President and College Ave intersection today.