Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fifteen-ish Months

Wow. What a FUN age this is. Maggie continues to explode with personality and charm as we watch her develop into a little person before our eyes.

Walking and talking pretty much sum up what we're up to these days. Her ability to communicate and understand things is blowing me away. Over Christmas when we were playing with the toy "kitchen" at Gary's folks', she lifted up the plastic spoon to her mouth and said "Mmmm." She also has taken up to pointing with her index finger at everything. One morning as we were sitting in the real kitchen she pointed at me and said "Mama!" As we all erupted into laughter and cheered, she peeked her head around the corner and pointed at Gary and said "Dada!"

It's little things like this every day that just make my day.

I love when she kisses her animals/babies or has them kiss each other. I love when she offers one of them whatever she is eating. I love the look of pride that she gets when she knows she's done something good or impressive, followed by a subsequent round of applause for herself. (Speaking of which - she also has learned to clap the right way instead of one hand on top of the other) I love that when she and I are together she is constantly asking for her dad, and vice versa when she's with him.

She LOVES the bath. She gets almost giddy even at the mention of it, and can hardly stand herself as she watches the tub fill. It is always enjoyed (by all participants), and almost always a sure form of bribery...even more than cookies or toys. Associated with the bath, she also loves to eat the bubbles and drink the water. (I kind of wince as a parent reading this, but trust me, we've tried...and she's FAST.) There could be worse things, I suppose.

She is having the worst hair these days. It's like when you're growing your hair out between two lengths and it just looks terrible and awkward for awhile, except that she's still mostly bald, so it's just plain ridiculous all of the time. I tried putting a bow in the other day just to tame back some of the long, scraggly ones on top, and I was quickly informed that it looked absurd. Most of the time we think she looks like Dwight from The Office. Awful!

Post-nap one day I found her looking like this. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

With our friend Kelly at lunch over Christmas. This is evidence A of the Dwight 'Do...all matted down and parted in the middle.

She knows almost all of the animal noises now, even if she can't say the actual names of the animals. My favorite is the pig, where she sniffs very heavily and quickly through her nose as if to snort. I also love the monster, where she makes a kissing noise (derived from when Gary used to do the "Kiss Monster" with her).

I'm sure I've left so much out. She is literally changing every day.

She continues to love babies and goes crazy every time she sees one. I am hoping that this lasts at least a few more months for when her brother arrives...she will be beside herself! (Friday the 7th will puts us at just three months out! Eek!!)

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laura b. said...

You're just entering one of my favorite ages with Sylvia. Love the first bath picture.