Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Artiste

Lately Maggie has been showing a great interest in drawing/writing whenever she sees a pen, paper and/or desk. Lately I've been finding both of us a little bored with her normal regimen of toys. So the other day we took a trip to Target and I added a few extra things in the cart. It is an understatement to say that it was an awesome experience for me to buy Maggie her first art supplies. It's a miracle that I came out of the store with only two boxes of crayons and a pad of paper. That's called self control, people.

I would say the activity went well for about the first thirty seconds. Maggie basically squealed with delight when I handed her the paper and red crayon. A few scribbles of joy, and then I was quickly reminded why I forced myself to not introduce her to crayons up until this point.

(Note: she looks like she is sort of absentmindedly putting the crayon in her mouth here. Trust me. It was not a spacey moment.)

And apparently it's hilarious when I tell her no and take things away from her. Until she realized she wasn't getting them back.

The girl has a colorful personality, to say the least.

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